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This bar started out as a handful of beans from Kerala, South India.

The cacao is grown and cultivated by a forest-dwelling community living in Idukki, who

supply their cacao to social enterprise GoGround on a weekly basis. GoGround pay their farmers fairly and promptly.

The cacao is organic and grown in an agroforestry system.


After the cacao has been harvested, fermented and packed, the beans make their way to the U.K. where I carefully roast, winnow, stone grind, hand-temper and mould them in a process taking more than 72 hours.


Not like your average chocolate- bean to bar chocolate is made with fine cocoa beans with distinct flavours which are unique to their origin.

This India bar is bright and fruity with distinct notes of citrus and juicy berries. Pleasantly balanced- not bitter and not too sweet. A flavour sensation!


Ingredients: Indian Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter



India 72% Dark Chocolate

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