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About Me

I'm Anisa. I'm a chocolate maker based in Ely Cambridgeshire. I started making chocolates to get me through the gruelling post-graduate job hunt, but even after Ianding the jobs I wanted I kept coming back to it. Finally in 2017 I made the leap and started Anisa & Chocolate.

Back then I was selling specialised and luxury bonbons and truffles at various markets and online. But my quest for more ethical chocolate led me into the craft chocolate industry. Since then, I have learnt to make chocolate right from the cocoa bean, joining the tiny but growing number of bean to bar chocolate makers in the UK.

I make micro-batches of  chocolates with premimum cocoa beans that I have carefully sourced from Ecuador, India, Peru and the Philippines, among other origins.

Ethics and quality are at the heart of what I do. I make sure that my cocoa beans are transparently traded, from family farms and estates where the farmers are paid a premium price for their crop. I work with partners and co-operatives like Silva Cacao to help me achieve this goal. You can learn more about where my cocoa beans are sourced from by reading the descriptions of each chocolate bar on my products page.

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