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Bean to Bar Chocolate


Handmade Artisan Chocolate


Transparently Traded Premium Cocoa

Cocoa Pods, Idukki Kerela photo credit: Silva

I'm Anisa, a small-batch craft chocolate maker in Ely, Cambridgeshire. 


I start with the cocoa bean, making sure it's of fine quality and traceable. So you have delicious tasting chocolate that you know has been ethically sourced.


There are a minimum amount of  ingredients in my bars. No soy, no added oils, no unnecessary preservatives.

Each bar tells a story. Its flavour reflects its terroir and the love and effort that has been put into growing the cocoa and transforming it into the final product.

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Bean to Bar Chocolate

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What is a Chocolate Maker?

Something that not everybody knows is that the job of a chocolate maker is very different to the job of a chocolatier. One makes chocolate, and the other turns that chocolate into truffles, bonbons, bars and other wonderful creations.  I am a chocolater maker but I do a bit of both, making bars  bonbons and truffles from my chocolate.

What is bean to bar chocolate?

Bean to Bar (or craft chocolate) is chocolate that is made with quality, taste and traceability at its heart. It is made from premium and rare varieties of cocoa which are grown and harvested to very specific standards. This sets bean to bar chocolate far apart from mass produced varieties.

How is it made?

Cocoa beans are roasted in small batches to tease out the optimal flavours, and then processed and stone-ground in small batches too. After several hours of grinding, sugar, cocoa butter and possibly milk powder or milk alternatives are added and ground further.

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